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Creating a Datasource

This guide will cover creating datasources within the DataSnare web-based Dashboard Designer

Adding a Datasource
Datasources can only be created by user’s that have the “Create All” Datasource permission.

Creating a Datasource from the Datasnare Report Server
1. Click on the Create button in the menu and select Data Source. 
2. Fill in the form with a name, description of the data source and upload the data source file (.syds)
3. Click the "Add" button to finalize adding the Datasource.

Updating Datasources:
Select the gear icon next to a data source to update the name, description or datasource file (.syds) that defines the datasource

Sharing Datasources:
Sharing data sources allows you set permission access to a datasource. Users who created the Datasource, and Administrators can share a Datasource.

Users can be given the following permission combination:

  • Read
  • Read, Write
  • Read, Write, Delete
Steps to share a Datasource:
1. Click the "Actions" button in the Datasources grid menu and select "Manage Permissions"

2. Select the access level permission from the "Select Access" dropdown and the select the users or groups the share the data source with.

3. Once you've made you selections, select the "Add Permission" button and confirm your permissions have been added in the permission table below.

Removing Datasource Permissions:
You can remove permissions on a Datasource if you created the Datasource or are a DataSnare Report Server Administrator.

To remove a permission, select the Remove option in the Datasource permissions table for the assoicated group or user.

Deleting a Datasource:
Datasources can be deleted when they are no longer in use by any Dashboard, or Widget.

To delete a Datasource, select the "Actions" button in the datasources grid context menu and select "Delete".
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