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The DataSnare Report Server is web-based application designed to interface directly with our DataSnare embedded data
collection device and make accessing and digesting your data as easy as possible. Visualize data the way you find most useful,
and automate report generation and delivery.

Key Features:

Web-based dashboard designer —
Create fully functional dashboards without ever downloading an application. The Datasnare Report Server
dashboard desginer is hosted in our single page web-application. All you need to create dashboards is an
account with the appropriate permissions.

Dashboard management
DataSnare Dashboards can be conviently organized into categories. Permissions to view, edit, create and export
dashboards within a category can be given to specific users or easily managed with user groups.

User management —
Organize users into groups that mimick the functioning structure of both small and large organizations.

Scheduling —
Get your data delivered directly to your inbox by creating scheduled dashboards exports that reflect real-time
data and are put into easily view formats like excel, pdf or pngs.

Exporting —
Export dashboards or individual widgets into pdf or image formats. Easily export the underlying widget and dashbaord
data into excel or csv formats.

Custom branding —
If you wish to keep branding and hosting consistent, we offer the ability to host our DataSnare Report Server as
a self-hosted installation or manage a private installation for your organization. Brand the DataSnare Report Server
with your organizations logo, name and custom welcome messages.


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